🤔 What is it??

This is a welcoming space to join events, ask questions, and obtain assistance from users on every aspect of VRChat world and avatar development. The community is built with all knowledge levels in mind and the goal that your peers may support you in your creative journey!


Feel free to invite creators from VRChat and around with our front-facing weblink:

Where do I begin?

Anyone is welcome to join the events hosted here, though more information about the events and community can be found within our Discord server.

Community Code of Conduct

As a member of this community, we request that you help maintain an inclusive environment for all. This means following our community code of conduct listed below.


  • Be awesome to one another! Treat your fellow community members with respect.

  • Edit your assumptions. Have awareness of the words and phrases you’re using as we’re a vast and diverse community.

  • Keep an open mind! Reflect upon other's inputs when engaging in discussions and disagreements.

  • Hey, listen! Help yourself understand in other’s views and opinions.

  • We’re all here to make and enjoy cool things! Assume good intent before harshly judging someone's efforts.

  • Stay on topic! Refrain from diverting attention from the current subject.


  • Discussion of activities that breaks VRChat's Terms of Service is forbidden.

  • Abuse of community members will not be tolerated. (see below)

  • Sharing of offensive material via images, audio, video, or text is prohibited.

  • The disclosure of personal and/or confidential information about anyone is impermissible.

  • Distribution of pirated or illegal content is forbidden.

  • Do not attempt to impersonate any Community Meetup member.

Keep in mind:

  • Political and religious thoughts and ideas should be kept to one's self.

  • Inappropriate profile names, images, or text is not allowed.

  • Spamming the community in any form is not recommended.

👁 Harassment and Rule Violations

We strive to help everyone to feel included and we will not tolerate harassment of community members in any way. If you or someone you've witnessed has become the subject to harassment or have concerns of someone violating the guidelines set above, please reach out to the event staff and volunteers.

Our Admins and Moderators may issue warnings, mute, and/or remove anyone who isn’t following the Community Code of Conduct.

Different events within this group may have additional rules that apply to that specific event, but none shall override the group guidelines set above. When attending a specific event, you must adhere to its guidelines when participating. Their guidelines will be found in their #(event)-info channels.

In-depth guidelines available within the Discord server. Updated: 3 March 2022.

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